The Best Way To Get Approval Of You Parents To Marry Partner Found Through Matrimony Sites

Marriage is very sacred and important event in the Indian society. No matter, how much advanced we are, it is very difficult to convince your parents to marry with someone you found on Matrimony sites. Problems begins as soon as you tell your family about your relationship and your intentions to marry him/her. It overall results in a series of arguments and emotional drama. In order to escape from this situation, here are some tips to make it easier for you to convince your parents.


 1. Build trust:  In Indian matrimony, parents want to choose a perfect spouse for their children and if you have found your partner yourself then your parents may feel betrayed. So, start trying to get their trust back. Seek advice from your parents on different matters of married life to rebuild the lost trust. The other way is that make sure to your parents that you have such capability to choose life partner. Once your parents start trusting you with your decisions then you have crossed the first stage to melt their heart and accept your love

2. Get help from your ‘relationship managerIf you choose a genuine matrimony  site like NRIMB, then take help from your relationship manager to help you in this matter. It is because that only they are liberal enough to understand the situation. Your manager can arrange a meeting between two families to diminish distance between them. Let both the families meet and play cupid to your parents in the matchmaking. The more professional support you get, the easier it would become to convince your family.

3. Highlight potential of your partner: Your choice may be best for you but to convince your family for marriage, let them know about the qualities of your choice. So, you should highlight the potential of your partner in full glory. Tell your parents that your choice is best for your future and you might just get lucky to have their blessings for your marriage.

4. Create mutual Relationships: If you hesitate in introducing your choice directly to your family, then grasp the opportunity by introducing partner just as a friend. So that your parents can share a mutual relationship in multiple meetings. It will help you to highlight the best qualities of your partner as well as your parents. So, marriage chances increase if your choice is already friendly with your family.

5.Give real life examples: The best way to convince your parents for love marriage is by showing the real life instances. It may be either successful love marriage or unsuccessful arranged marriage. Clear the reason of unsuccessful arranged marriage to your parents. So, mould the situation according to your benefit and get approval of your parents. Clear your parents that you have grown a mutual compatibility with your partner and have understanding with each other. So, this is the reason that you would spend a happier life with your choice rather than with a complete stranger in the long run of life.

Conclusion: In Indian Matrimony, traditional parents don’t allow their children to marry their own choice. Matchmaking sites like NRIMB help you in this purpose by assigning a particular relationship manager to every member which interact with both families on your behalf. So, register with us today and take advantages of one of the most trustworthy matrimony sites.


How to Choose Your Perfect NRI Life Partner Using Matrimony Sites

In the last few decades, most matrimony sites have been evolved to an extent that they have started offering hundreds of unmatched services to users. But when the question of finding the right NRI matrimonial alliance arises, they always play a crucial role. These days, our country has become more civilized than ever. Children already know what they want from their lives. But parents always find their roles whenever there is a question of finding the right bride or groom arises. With the evolution of matrimony sites today, most people wish to tie their nuptial knots with an NRI groom or bride. Earlier, it was not possible to wed with someone who is living offshore. But now, with the help of matrimony sites, you can make your dreams come true.


Almost all matrimony sites have the option of finding your perfect match as per your needs. If you are interested in getting an NRI bride or groom, you need to start searching for your ideal soul mate in the relevant category only. In most cases, the problem arises, when you have to choose an NRI bride or groom. Earlier, it used to be a difficult task but in the presence of matchmaking sites, you can easily find an NRI partner.

Today, most of you have your own dreams to fulfil. But when it comes to wedding, each one of you wish to get an ideal bride or groom for him/her and live your future life in happy marriage relationship. The advent of various matchmaking sites have made easier to go with your respective choices as you just need to search your desired soul mate in your preferred category only. In this post, we would be giving you dome inputs what you need to do when you require an NRI bride or groom. This is because finding someone who is living offshore is a tedious task. And when you find someone who really matches your profile, then you need to go through with all his background check and other necessary verifications.

Well, there is no harm even if you decide to marry with an NRI life guy or girl. But all that is required from your end is to take care of certain things before you go ahead and finalize everything.

Now, please take a look at some points below that can help you at the time of scrutiny of your NRI life partner.

Scrutinize the Profile Wisely

Well, the first and foremost thing that you need to look upon is securitize the profile of NRI guy or girl before moving ahead with further series of discussions. In this regard, you first need to conclude with all the vital and relevant enquiries of the prospective groom or bride in question.

Take Decision After Undergoing Thorough Research

The next thing that you need to take care is by undergoing a deep research in your future NRI life partner. Doing this will ascertain your trust in your future life partner.

Here, you need to take into considerations even the minute things given in his matrimonial profile. In case of any doubt, you may further question him about the authenticity of the information given in his profile.

Check All Financial Details

Before moving ahead, you need to check all the financial details of your future NRI life partner. You may look for his bank balance, property or asset (if any), and other such information to be on safer side.

Conclusion In order to lead a happy marriage life using matrimony sites, you can easily find your best NRI life partner.

How Online Matchmaking Sites Bring Flavour In Sikh Wedding Ceremonies

A Sikh wedding is famous for its own culture and tradition where both the families of bride and groom not only shower their blessings to the newlywed couple but also enjoy the every moment of it. After the onset of online matchmaking sites, it became lot more easier to celebrate the big event with much more fun and excitement. Today, online matchmaking services are growing worldwide and are blessed with some of their extensive services that no other matchmaking platform can offer. Even if you are struggling to find a Punjabi guy or groom as per your interest, you can immediately go ahead and register to any of the leading wedding sites. Considering the fact that a Punjabi wedding brings much more triumph to those who attend the wedding, most matchmaking sites (in the recent past) have come forward to offer their unbiased services in this regard. In an arranged marriage, you will find the rituals more or less the same. But a Sikh wedding is slightly different than other arranged marriages as they follow their own customs and rituals at the time of making two people arrested in a wedding lock. Some of the famous rituals in a Sikh wedding include Roka & Thaka, Akhand paath, Chunni ceremony, etc.


 Well, if you are still struggling to find your ideal match in Sikh community, then your    wait is over. This is because you can join any of the leading Sikh matrimony services    and can find your ideal prospect online within a specified time frame. All you need to do is to first register yourself on their web portal and then submit your matrimonial profile. As soon as you complete both the process, you become one of their esteemed users. All the credentials you submit are verified before you start your search process.

Sikhs are known in spreading and receiving the love and prosperity among people so as to make this world a better place to live. They are also known to be one of the most popular warriors of their times who are quite aware how to win a battle of life. However, when it comes to a marriage, they celebrate the event with utmost vigour and charm that you won’t observe in any other marriage.

Roka & Thaka  

This is also known as pre-wedding rituals known as Roka where the parents of groom and bride express their consent for the marriage to take place. The bride’s father visits the groom’s place and applies a Tilak on the forehead of the groom. He also wishes the groom and bless him with gifts and sweets. After this, the same ritual is again practiced from the groom’s family and ends up by presenting sweets and gifts to the bride.The Roka/Thaka ceremony generally takes place on the same day or within a few days after the engagement.

Kurmai and Akhand Paath  

Kurmai simply means that the engagement ceremony is about to take place either at the gurudwara or at the groom’s place. This is a crucial event where both the family members of bride and groom take part. Kurmai is followed by Akhand Paath, Kirtan and Ardaas.

Chuuni Ceremony 

Here, the groom’s relatives (female) visit the bride’s place and bring Chunni that she has to wear.


After a few ceremonies like Maiya, Karahi Chadana, Warna and Sangeet, Mehendi is applied on the bride’s feet and hands. Mehendi is followed by some other rituals to make the event complete.

Conclusion- If you are looking for Sikh matrimony alliance, then all your woes can be resolved by visiting online matchmaking sites.


How Online Match Making Business Have Captured the Entire Wedding Market Globally

There was a time when most people criticised the existence of online match making methods. They believed that such kind of matrimonial business not only be able to survive but also won’t be able to meet the needs of millions of youngsters looking out for their prospective bride or grooms. But they never realized that one day it will become a huge wedding industry. As you see, the online matchmaking business is current surging at a tremendous rate, and is expected to rise further. This has become possible as they are able to cater the needs of millions of users worldwide. These online matchmaking methods are no way limited to any location and are accessible t anyone from any part of the world. For example, if you have decided to marry with an NRI bride or groom, then you can easily get one as per your likings. All you need is to start searching your wedding partner from that particular region or country. In addition to this, you also get the privilege of searching your ideal wedding partner in your own community and religion.  No other matchmaking process is able to offer these benefits. You might be wondering how is this possible? Well, all these online matchmaking sites are loaded with a user friendly software that anyone can access. In the later section of this post, we would let you know how the online wedding business is able to make a remark in the present century.


As we just discussed above that online wedding industry is running with the help of latest technology and the use of Internet, anyone from any part of the world can find their best bride or groom online. For example, if you belong to Christian community and looking forward to settle down, you can join a trusted Christian matrimony site and instantly start your search process. In case, you have no time left or want some quick services, you can better opt their personalised services as well. Here, you will be given more privileges and assistance as compared to a free user. Talking about the business of wedding industry today, it is still going high and is expected to reach sustain unmatched heights in the time to come.

Trust Factor

Well, the first and foremost reason why online matchmaking business have captured the entire wedding market globally is that it has managed to win the trust of the users.

From the last several decades, the industry has been providing their unmatched services to the clients. Anyone who joins any such website to fund their wedding partner is able to get the desired one within a specified time.

This is one of the ways how online wedding business is able to help users in providing their ideal soul mates. Today, these leading matrimonial sites have empowered the user to get their ideal soul mates within a specified time frame.

Quality Services

Today, if you want to sustain in any business, you need to serve them with your best services at all time. And this is what online matchmaking industry has been doing for the last several decades.

Another reason why most people trust on their services as continue to provide the best of their services in an unbiased way. In fact, you start getting a plethora of privileges as soon as you get yourself registered on their online platform.

Conclusion – Today, online match making business is grooming all the way. Even if you belong to a Christian community and looking for your wedding partner using Christian matrimony services, you can comfortably do that.

Why engagement function is important in Indian Marriage Matrimony?

Before wedding, engagement ceremony is very important in Indian marriage matrimony as it is a significant occasion which is the beginning of a new life for the groom and bride. In this ceremony, the would-be-bride and the bridegroom-to-be exchange rings with each other. Both the families are formally introduced to each other by their respective families. This ritual is the important step to make the engagement formal.

Being famous as the sagai, mangni and ring ceremony, it is the first ceremony that precedes the wedding. Generally, people conduct ring ceremony many months before wedding so that both the bride and the groom can understand each other. But in some cases, it is conducted just few days before the marriage. So, the wedding events start with this initial ceremony.


A number of matrimonial websites are serving people by finding their best match. So, these matchmaking sites are also responsible for the successful first step of marriage. The ring ceremony shows that the families of both- the bride and the groom are giving their words of honor that they have accepted this relation. So, it is like a pledge which will be responsible for future well-being and happiness. So, on this day, both families get an opportunity to know each other’s traditions and rituals.

As engagement is the first step towards marriage so the bride gives special effort on her looks. So, she spends a lot of money, time to get spectacular look. She tries to look unique by wearing unique outfits. Whereas the groom tries to exhibit the best of his social character. Both families start preparing for marriage day from this day so this ceremony is very special.

Ring ceremonies may be differ in style and features according to regions. After exchanging rings, both the families gifts the bride a traditional thing, neck piece or bangle made of diamond or gold. Similarly, the family of bride gifts a gold chain or wrist watch to the groom. After this ceremony, new couple seek the blessings of the elders. Then, youngsters dance on the lively tones of vibrant music and then give pose for different stylish pictures with the cocktail and dinner/lunch party.

Now in the modern era, people have started arranging ring ceremony and wedding function in the same week because of the busy schedule. People don’t have enough time to celebrate marriage function months before the marriage. So, they celebrate these functions in the same week.

Conclusion: At the ceremony, both the families start deciding and announcing the date of imminent wedding. So, this event is like a first step towards a new beginning for two families where they pray for happiness and prosperity.

How Marriage sites can save your valuable time in searching your Life Partner

Some time ago, some surveys were taken by agencies to know about the marriage ways. Results were really amazing as it was clear in the survey that now people are preferring online marriage sites over traditional matchmakers which save time as well as money taken by the traditional matchmakers. So, people don’t want to search their life partner offline.

The online matrimonial site such as NRIMB is providing matchmaking services to save time and money of people, so these are the best options for busy searchers. As one of the famous marriage sites, it offers best matrimony services to the clients to search their suitable life partner.


First and foremost thing is that you should know that how these matrimonial sites are saving time for the search of life partner.

Profile search:

Many decades ago, people used to take help of traditional matchmakers, marriage brokers, friends, relatives etc for the marriage purpose. At that time, online matchmaking services were not so active so people have to depend on these mediums to find prospective brides and grooms. Sometimes, this procedure took years to search the perfect one because of the geographic locations limitation. So, it was not possible to reach the prospective expectations. In that case, people had to compromise on certain factors.

With Online matrimonial sites, this partner search becomes very easy. So, these sites help you to search many prospect profiles in few minutes. All there is need to sign up with the website and fill the required information. You will become a member of the site after registering on this site. Then you can start your search at any time by simply logging in the account.

Profiles validation:

In ancient times, people used to depend on mediocres for the verification of all details provided by prospective brides and grooms. It is very difficult and important task to find out the bugs and validate all the information.
The validation process has improved a lot in the modern era of matrimonial sites. These sites validate the details of prospective bride and groom through their social media sources. Almost every matrimonial sites have their own ways to validate so the information verified by online matchmaking sites is more genuine than the information collected by marriage brokers and traditional matchmakers as these offline modes can validate information verbally only.

Fast filtering process:

It can consume a lot of time by relying upon the mediocres to provide the best match. Then, families of both seekers arranged first meeting to proceed the couple meeting. In case of rejection because of any reason, it resulted in wastage of time as well as resources. Modern matrimony sites offer a number of filters like age, height, caste, religion, mother tongue, location etc to give the best-suited results to the searchers. This process can save a lot of time and money so there are more chances of success for their searchers.

NRIMB offers the best matrimonial services to clients to search their dream partner online. Registration process is very simple and easy. So, register here for free and become a member of this site.

How Personalised Matchmaking Services Help You Find Your Soul Mate Quickly

Matchmaking services in India have been flourishing well for the last so many decades. As you are well aware that weddings are actually made in heaven but are celebrated on earth, the trend has been going on from the ages and will continue to be like that. After the revolution of the Internet, most marriages started to happen on the leading online matchmaking service providers. The trend not only made people to find their ideal soul mates online but also helped them change their thoughts on a new kind of matrimonial services that they had never heard before. After the suitability and affordability of millions of users, these matchmaking sites started popularizing. And within a few years time, they managed to garner millions of customers. If you look at the research done in this regard, more people have started joining their web portals each year in a hope to meet with their desired life partners.


Today, users can join a plethora of marriage sites to facilitate best matrimonial advice. These matchmaking services are becoming more prominent with the passage of time. In the time to come, they are expected to serve millions of other users who are not still a part of them. In case, you are new to the world of online matrimonial world, you can join a leading marriage site to find your desired soul mate within a specified time frame.

As soon as you find the one, you need to submit your basic information and can join any such site. However, after becoming one of their precious members, you need to submit your matrimonial profile so as to take part in your search process.

Once you are declared successful in joining any leading matrimonial site, you become one of their free members.

In case, you have no time and want to get some personalised services from them, you need to become one of their privileged members. In order to do that, you must have to join their elite matchmaking services where you get their personalised matrimony advice directly to your inbox.

Please take a look how you are benefitted by getting personalised services from online matchmaking services:

You get individual attention

Once you are enrolled in one of their personalised services, you instantly start getting their individual attention.

This means you will start getting their messages and phone calls (as per your own preference and time) to help you find your better half as soon as possible.

And this is where you start getting more chances in finding your ideal soul mate.

One more thing that you need to take into account that these services are not free unlike you opt their free membership.

In personalised matchmaking services, you need to spend some money. In any case, personalised services are more user centric and deliver quick results.

More extensive searches and customized screening

Well, this is another advantage of using personalised services from online matchmaking sites where they help you meeting your life partner with customized search results.

The above method has been proved fruitful to millions of users in finding their prospective life partners.

On time consulting and personalised matchmaking

The service you have opted for helps you involves confidential sessions with your most trusted personalised matchmaker. Here, you get one-on-one access with best matchmaking advisers as well.

Feedback session

After your follow-ups with prospective matches, you can also give your respective feedbacks while helping others know about your preferences.

ConclusionToday, personalised matchmaking services through online marriage sites are helping people finding their life partners more quickly than ever.